Who am I?

Born in 1980 in Resita, Romania, I discovered photography about 10 years ago. Although I earn my living working as an interpreter, photography has been a constant preoccupation and a source of inspiration, dreams and failures.

Please feel free to ask if you need to know more.

What's my philosophy?

I'm looking for the meaning behind the facts, but then again, I like to show things as they are - no special effects, no hidden messages, no obscure philosophy. So I'm trying to follow the documentary / photojournalism route.

How do I work?

The webdesigner has put this titles here, and now I have to go figure the answers... I look, focus and click, basically. I respect my subjects and will always be grateful for their trust in me. I look up to fellow photographers and friends and thank all who extended a helping hand. I wish I would work more often.