Vama Veche

Stories | 04.2011
Spending a day with fishermen at the Black Sea.

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  • Back in 2006, we met some of the last fishermen on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea in Vama Veche.
  • Every day at 6 they go out at sea to bring in the catch.
  • The atmosphere is one of great comradeship.
  • Their profession is threatened by industrial fishing and pollution.
  • Every time the nets are brought in, some starts a story about the good old times.
  • The catch nowadays is far from what it used to be ten years ago.
  • Even though they are uncertain about their future, the atmosphere is always filled with laughter.
  • Nets need constant fixing.
  • For most of them, it's only a part time job which is finished at 10 in the morning.
  • The boat is safely brought back to shore.
  • The fish are sold to local restaurants or preserved in salt.
  • ...