Vienna on assignment

Stories | 11.2011
Went to Vienna on assignment for, looking for effects
of the current financial crisis.

Not much sign of it though. But it seems that anti–crisis / anti–
capitalism movements are very present.

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  • A KostNixLaden is a place where you bring things you don’t need. Others will find here things they need, and be able to just take them away.
  • There is no money involved, except if you’d like to help with a donation. It’s not exchanging, it’s sharing.
  • Clemens was one of the first to introduce me to this concept and to leftist movements in Vienna in general.
  • Bikekitchen is another very interesting place where money don’t play a role. Functioning around an association of bicycle enthusiasts, people meet at Bikekitchen once a week to socialise, work on their bikes or give others a helping hand.
  • Here you can also find spare parts and lots of tools which are free to use. There’s often someone cooking for the group and not seldom things end up in a party. This is a very open collective which is socially involved and non–profit oriented.
  • People come together for a spontaneous protest against the deportation of members of the FC Sans Papiers (‘without legal documents’) football club. FC Sans Papiers is a football club and a political platform which fights for essential human rights.
  • The Wiener Deewan Pakistani restaurant allows you to eat as much as you want and pay as much as you wish. And it's a success!
  • People are not always interested in making profit. Valentin has converted valuable space in his house into a studio where bands can rehearse for free.
  • The rise of the extreme–right in Austria has caught the attention of the press for a long time now.
  • It feels good to see that there is actually a very strong movement against these eccentricities.
  • Even though the crisis can’t yet be seen directly in Austria, people are concerned about the situations in Greece for example, but also in other European countries where Austrian companies have invested.
  • During the traditional leftist demonstrations on the 1st of May, people used the opportunity to protest against the crisis as well as against capitalism in general.
  • Flyer at 1st of May demonstration.